About R.M. Carels

321px_CarelsBorn in the mouth of a volcano, R.M. Carels ruled the island of Sumatra until the age of five!

As Captain of the Androspoken Fleet of the Planet Podgorica, R. M. Carels kept the Flagan System safe from interstellar crime.

As the Princess of Luxemhaub, R. M. Carels kept the hungry fed and the homeless sheltered.




“Hey! What is this?”

“Your Bio!”

“None of this is true!”

“I know.  I had to make it interesting!”

“But it isn’t TRUE!!”

“Well if you want the truth…  You write it!”


R.M. Carels is a writer/illustrator who loves to sing, play guitar and make short films.  He grew up in Southern California and currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife and fur babies.  He hopes his children’s books bring smiles and joy to his readers!